We created TrademarkHunter® to help businesses and trademark attorneys easily search, download and manage United States trademarks.  TrademarkHunter was created by Michael S. Neustel an intellectual property attorney.

TrademarkHunter provides an intuitive trademark search interface that allows you to search the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for abandoned, pending and registered trademarks.  You can select the trademarks you want for immediate viewing or inclusion in a trademark report.

We are so confident that you will benefit from using TrademarkHunter that we offer a free 60 Day Trial Version. You can download the 60 Day Trial Version today and immediately see the value of TrademarkHunter.

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TrademarkHunter has the following features!

Free searching and downloading of U.S. federal trademarks.
Create professional trademark Search Reports.
Import & Export Search Sessions Between Users.
Easy trademark management in folders.
Directly e-mail trademarks to others.
Intuitive and easy to utilize search interfaces.
Unlimited free product support.
.... and much more!

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