Windows 98/NT/XP/Vista/7/8/10

(Version 1.13 - Released October 25, 2016)

Version 1.13 (Released October 25, 2016)

(Fix) Report generation issues causing program to crash.
(Fix) Intermittent download and search issues.

Version 1.12 (Released November 26, 2012)

(Fix) Search report generation sometimes generated an error notice.
(Fix) Some trademark images were not being displayed in the search reports.
(Fix) International Classes A and B for certification marks were not searching properly.
(Update) Viewing and downloading trademark prosecution history updated to reflect recent USPTO changes.

Version 1.11 (Released September 24, 2012)

(Update) Updated TrademarkHunter in view of recent USPTO website changes.

Version 1.10 (Released October 11, 2010)

(Fix) Updated trademark record downloading code to correspond to USPTO changes.

Version 1.09 (Released January 7, 2010)

(Update) Updated search session features.

Version 1.08 (Released December 20, 2009)

(Fix) Fixed some installation issues regarding Administrator privileges for Windows 7.
(Update) Changes made to correspond to recent USPTO changes.

Version 1.07 (Released January 9, 2009)

(Update) Program would freeze up during trademark searches because of changes to USPTO.

(Fix) Installation issues with Vista 64 bit.

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